Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd. & William St. Intersection Upgrades

September 13,2010

The improvements for the Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard (IAJB) at Williams Street intersection will be realized very soon. The intersection enhancements will be completed over the next week to improve operation and ease of travel through the heavily used corridor. Collaboration between the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID), the City of Atlanta, the Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT), the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority (GRTA) and contractor and consultant team partners has resulted in the following improvements for the Williams Street at IAJB intersection:

  • ‘Split-phase’ traffic signal operation for IAJB;
  • One dedicated left-turn lane and one shared left-through-right-turn lane on the eastbound approach of IAJB (i.e. the west side of the intersection);
  • A dedicated right-turn lane, a through lane and a dedicated left-turn lane on the westbound approach of IAJB (i.e. the east side of the intersection);
  • Overhead signage on IAJB immediately east of Centennial Olympic Park Drive to instruct eastbound drivers of the proper lane assignments for access to the I-75/85 Connector;
  • Restriping of worn-off bicycle lanes on IAJB between Luckie Street and West Peachtree Street, with use of special lane markings (known as ‘sharrows’) within the one-block segment between Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Williams Street where bicycle lanes are not conducive;
  • Retiming and coordination of all signalized intersections on IAJB between Marietta Street and West Peachtree Street to improve overall traffic flow and pedestrian safety, including coordination with Williams Street intersections to the south.

Please note: There are no lane configuration changes occurring on Williams Street or the I-75/85 ramps; southbound left-turns from the I-75/85 exit ramps to eastbound IAJB will continue to be allowed.

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Construction activities on the improvements above are already underway; however the majority of work will begin this Monday evening, September 13th and continue through Wednesday evening, September 15th. Minor signal and signage improvements will be made during off-peak hours during the day. The striping work will occur only at night: after 8:30 p.m. and before 5:00 a.m. Work is anticipated to be complete within two to three days.

ADID and its partners in the project look forward to rolling out these highly anticipated improvements in operation and connectivity of Ivan Allen Jr. Boulevard at Williams Street.

For questions or concerns please contact Angie Laure at 404-522-5010 or