Legacy Property Group Completes One of Downtown Atlanta’s 1st Rooftop Solar Panel Systems

April 22,2011

Legacy Property Group has completed one of Downtown Atlanta’s first rooftop solar panel systems.  Located atop the Centennial Park West condominium building at 250 Park Avenue West, the installation can be seen from the nearby Ventanas event facility at the Hilton Garden Inn and is a substantial green addition to the Luckie Marietta District.  The solar project received incentives from the state government, the federal government, and Georgia Power, helping the initiative achieve economic viability.  The 90 panel system was installed in early 2011 and is a prominent example of the "greening" of Atlanta. 

The solar panel system produces over 25,000 kwh of power annually, reducing carbon emissions by an amount that is equivalent to taking three cars off of the road. The 90 solar panels of the system were made in Atlanta by Suniva, an Atlanta-based manufacturer of high-efficiency solar panels. The design and installation were completed by Inman Solar, a local solar integrator.

The project is receiving state and federal grants funding roughly 60 percent of the development costs. Additionally, the project has been accepted into Georgia Power’s renewable energy buyback program, which purchases the power generated from the system at a premium of $0.10/ kwh above standard electricity rates. You can monitor the solar panel system's energy output in real time by clicking this link.