Longtime kitchen chief retires after decades helping Atlanta’s homeless

June 9,2020

Courtney Kueppers, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Clyde Corbin’s entire life and career have been about service.

The Florida native spent 22 years in the Army before retiring, and in the decades since has spent every day serving meals to people in Atlanta experiencing homelessness. Now, after 32 years, Corbin has retired again, this time from his role as the kitchen director at Crossroads Community Ministries.

“On May the first, I turned 75 years old and it’s just time to go,” Corbin said with a lighthearted chuckle.

Those who know Corbin say he is every bit as dedicated, hardworking and energetic today as he has always been. And when he departed his post at the end of May, those at Crossroads knew there would be no replacing the kind of steadfast commitment to serving others that Corbin is known for.

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