More APD Officers Call Downtown Atlanta Home

August 2,2011

More Atlanta Police Department officers have chosen to relocate into Downtown Atlanta than any other part of the city, according to recent statistics from the Atlanta Police Foundation.

In November 2010, the APF launched the Relocation Bonus Incentive, which has enticed dozens of officers to move from outside the city and call Atlanta home. Under the program, any sworn Atlanta police officer living outside city limits can opt to rent or purchase a home within Atlanta’s six patrol zones. Officers who choose to relocate then receive a $1,000 bonus. In order to receive the bonus, participating officers agree to a 12-month residency commitment to the City of Atlanta and a 36-month commitment to APD.

In partnership with APF, ADID has pledged to match the $1,000 bonus for any officer moving specifically into the Downtown area, which is a part of Zone 5. The ADID matching bonus partnership with APF began in February 2011 and to date, Downtown has attracted the most number of participants, boasting 26 percent of total Relocation Bonus Incentives distributed.

This program not only boosts Atlanta’s housing market, but is a strategic security initiative aimed at increasing police presence in Atlanta’s many streets and neighborhoods. The APF hopes to relocate at least 120 officers within two years of the program’s launch. With ADID’s partnership, 50 percent of that goal will be reached.

With its convenient central location and variety of dining and entertainment options, Downtown Atlanta is the ideal intown destination.

"Downtown gives me access to all highways and [the] ability to easily navigate around the city. I have access to neighborhood services like restaurants and dry cleaners that I can walk to. When I lived in Cobb County, I could not access these services without getting in the car and driving…when I get off my shift late at night, I can still have access to healthy eating choices. Downtown affords a luxury of convenience that I wouldn't be able to get in other counties," says Zone 4 Officer Omari Price.

This partnership is a reflection of CAP/ADID’s commitment to public safety while maintaining a vibrant, safe and smart Downtown Atlanta. With the recent addition of new Zone 5 Commander Major Chris Leighty, the Downtown district continues to be a place where Atlantans love to live, work and play.