Over 100 Cameras to Enhance Public Safety in Atlanta

October 16,2012

The Atlanta City Council agreed on Monday to purchase 112 cameras on behalf of the Atlanta Police Department to enhance public safety and Homeland Security.

The cameras are part of the Operation Shield Precinct Infrastructure Development Initiative. According to the City of Atlanta, 92 cameras will be installed in Zone 5, and 20 cameras will go to Zones 1,2,3,4 and 6.

The total cost is $2.25 million, which includes wireless mesh network cameras, as well as consulting, training and installation fees.

Operation Shield's goal is to leverage the existing camera infrastructure that private entities in Atlanta installed, and ensure a comprehensive network of thousands of cameras that use wireless and fiber optic infrastructures.

The new infrastructure will enable real-time information sharing to first responders. Crime could be reduced in high-crime neighborhoods, along with improved threat detection and attack prevention.

Operation Shield was launched in 2007 by the APD, the Atlanta Police Foundation, in partnership with the Atlanta Security Council, Central Atlanta Progress, Atlanta Downtown Improvement District and Midtown Alliance.

A vote of 15-0 approved the purchase.