Parks of the Futureā€¦Built Atop Highways?

January 24,2019

Kate Sweeney, What's Next ATL

Imagine a peaceful picnic atop 14 lanes of rush-hour traffic.

It could happen, if Central Atlanta Progress’s “The Stitch” concept becomes a reality.

The 14-acre park would cover the Downtown Connector from the Piedmont Avenue bridge north to the Spring Street flyover, an injection of park land that would, in effect, “knit” together spaces long divided by I-75/85 in Midtown and Downtown. Hence the name.

Walkable places are in high demand these days, so it’s of little surprise that the concept of a “deck park” – green space built over a roadway – has captured public imagination. The Stitch is one two major deck parks under consideration in metro Atlanta and is part of a national trend, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

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