PEDS announces 2010 Golden Shoe Award winners

November 12,2010

PEDS – the region’s leading advocate for pedestrians – presented its 11th annual Golden Shoe Awards on November 10 at a celebration to honor the people, projects and places that have contributed significantly this year to making metro Atlanta communities more walkable.

2010 Golden Shoe Award winners:

Pedestrian-friendly Road Diet: Georgia State University, for reallocating a travel lane on Decatur Street from cars to people.

Pedestrian-friendly Research: Atlanta Regional Commission, for conducting a comprehensive survey revealing that most transit trips begin and end with walking.

Pedestrian-friendly Research: Atlanta Regional Commission, for showing that 25 percent of pedestrian crashes in the 18-county region occur within 100 feet of transit stops.

Pedestrian-friendly Journalism: PBS Blueprint America, for bringing attention to hazards facing pedestrians on dangerous roads like Buford Highway and exposing the slow pace of improvements aimed at mitigating them.

Pedestrian-friendly Traffic Operations: DeKalb County, for installing HAWK signals on Buford Highway and Candler Road.

Pedestrian-friendly Journalism: WXIA-TV Commuter Dude John Gerard, for highlighting obstacles to people who walk and holding government accountable for eliminating them.

Pedestrian-friendly Suburban Retrofit: City of Dunwoody, for making sidewalk construction and maintenance a priority, especially near schools.

Pedestrian-friendly Education: Georgia State University Police for starring in drivers’ education videos and for conducting a crosswalk sting that taught police officers from twenty jurisdictions how to implement pedestrian-friendly enforcement.