PIXEL at W Atlanta Downtown

August 1,2013

W Atlanta-Downtown and artist/filmmaker Felipe Barral have partnered to create a new and unique way of storytelling. The “Billboard Film Series” is an effort to engage audiences in an unexpected way, enhancing the every-day-life of millions of people driving through the streets and highways of modern cities surrounded by billboards… modern screens previously utilized to sell. In this creative effort, W Atlanta-Downtown and Felipe Barral have collaborated to release the film “PIXEL” in a series of 10-second-clips. Welcome to a new revolutionary way of telling stories in unexpected places and the exploration of a new audiovisual medium. The first film is PIXEL. Join the conversation #WPixel.

Film Description

PIXEL is the story of a young woman, who receives an email from a cloud her dying father had left her. The email includes only a link and a password along with the words “I’ll always be with you, my love”. The young lady had never met her father who died when she was just 3 months old. The link takes her on a discovery of memories her father left for her in the form of 10-second videos, this marks the start of an emotional journey to unveil the true meaning of life.

PIXEL is an inspiring story of passion and love that transcends time. A unique film that shows the dedication of a father who, knowing he was not going to be with his daughter, decides to speak to her through time. He hopes that through his message she realizes that one has to discover a unique path. “Don’t be just another pixel in the screen”, he says in one video. A metaphor that means she has to fulfill her own world of possibilities.

Whilst analyzing each 10-second clip she will unveil truths about life, from the things we don’t want to see to the simplest most beautiful moments. Along the way she uncovers secrets she never knew about her father and discovers some certainties about the human existence. PIXEL is a raw effort from her father to capture the human experience and send timeless words of wisdom to her daughter in the future.

By dividing the movie in 10-second clips, the audience will take the same journey, discovering those memories while watching the clips released as episodes on the digital billboard in a 2-week rotation.

All the clips will be later be released online so viewers can watch the film in this same unique way.

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