Safety Reminder: Atlanta Streetcar Overhead Wires Are Energized

September 26,2014

Public urged to be aware as safety testing begins in advance of passenger service

In anticipation of the Atlanta Streetcar’s first test under power, which is scheduled for next week, the City of Atlanta reminds the public that the overhead wires that provide the power for the streetcar are energized. These wires carry 750v DC and contact with them will cause serious injury or death.

The Atlanta Streetcars are powered by electricity from three substations along the line. The substations, which are located at Peachtree Center and the Vehicle Maintenance Facility on Auburn Street, are safe, enclosed systems.

The overhead power wires and substations are safe and pose no immediate threats as long as the following safety precautions are observed:
• The public, including all City of Atlanta service agencies and utility companies, should use caution around all streetcar wires and poles.
• The overhead wire is energized at 750v DC. Do not attempt to climb the poles, touch the wires, or throw things at them. Contact will cause serious injury or death.
• Remain 10-feet away from live wires at all times.
• Streetcar power substations are prohibited from entry for the public’s protection. Do not attempt to enter a power substation.

The Atlanta Streetcar is now in the testing and commissioning phase. This is a multi-step process that will continue as the system achieves significant milestones. It is intended to ensure that the system meets national standards and is certified as safe to carry passengers in mixed use traffic.
The system infrastructure and vehicles must be certified as safe by the City of Atlanta and accepted by the State Safety Oversight Agency before passenger service can begin.