Shattered consensus: Atlanta business and community leaders react to demonstrations

June 1,2020

David Allison, Atlanta Business Chronicle

Atlanta was rocked by violent demonstrations that began the night of May 29. Atlanta Business Chronicle reached out to some of the city's business and community leaders to get their reactions, to ask them what Atlanta's business community should do in response, to ask them, "what is the way forward?" Here's what they had to say.

AJ Robinson, President, Central Atlanta Progress

Like most of Atlanta, I was saddened and disappointed that meaningful peaceful protests morphed into violent confrontations and random destruction of property. Many of us have worked hard to create an environment that we thought would prevent such occurrences here. Obviously, we have a lot more to do. No doubt, we will survive the physical damages, as we did in the cases of the Olympic bombing, the Rodney King riot, and even the last tornado. But we must solidify the soul of Atlanta, by recommitting ourselves to making our City free from racism of any kind, and the best we can be on all levels of racial equality.