Spring Street Viaduct Replacement Project Update

August 11,2015

In October 2013, the Georgia DOT and the City of Atlanta began the project to replace the Spring Street Viaduct bridge over the CSX railroad as a result of significant deterioration in the steel and concrete elements on the bridge. The project was separated into two phases:

  • Northern Section: Spring Street from the end of the new viaduct construction north of Alabama Street to Marietta Street
  • Southern Section: Spring Street from Mitchell Street to the start of the existing new viaduct construction at MLK Jr. Dr. and MLK Jr. Drive from Forsyth Street to the intersection with Spring Street.

Beginning September 1, 2015, the northern section of the project is scheduled to be completed and the Department of Transportation will reopen Spring Street from Marietta Street to Mitchell Street, allowing traffic to flow in both directions between MLK and Mitchell Street and in the northbound direction from MLK to Marietta Street pending the results of a bridge inspection in the Southern Phase section.

The Southern section of the project, which includes the demolition of the bridge, has been delayed due to the Department’s need to obtain an executed right of agreement with the General Services Administration (GSA) and security clearances to access GSA parcels. These security clearances are expected to be obtained by 12/8/15. Worse case scenario, the detour associated with the Southern Phase may occur between May 1, 2016 and September 1, 2016. The current schedule for construction completion of the Southern section is in August 2017.