The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Actual Factual Atlanta column: Peachtree Bridges

March 27,2017

Source: Becca Godwin, Atlanta Journal-Constitution

March 27--Welcome to "Actual Factual," a new regular column in which I, Becca Godwin, will answer reader questions about goings-on in Atlanta.

I'll start with a question we've had here in the newsroom, but you'll find information for submitting your own questions at the bottom of this column.

If you're one of the reported 300,000 people who drive under this bridge each day, you may have noticed a lot of activity over the past couple weeks -- especially if you've been below it while moving at a snail's pace during rush hour.

First, a little background: There are two Peachtree Street bridges that cross over the I-75/85 Connector; one is near the Brookwood split (that's the north bridge) and the other is near Ralph McGill Boulevard (and that's the south).

The Midtown Alliance and Central Atlanta Progress/Atlanta Downtown Improvement District are directing a $6 million enhancement of these "bookend" bridges. The organizations helped to fund the project, along with the Georgia Department of Transportation, the city of Atlanta and the Woodruff Foundation.

Construction began in 2015, and the south bridge is completed. Its letters facing the highway glow at night, while the opposite side shows photographs of iconic buildings, people and places to pedestrians.

Here's what's happening with the north bridge: It's in the final phase of construction, which includes adding an installation of arches all along the bridge; 20 minor arches and two major ones. The highest point of the arches reach 30 feet, and the major arches span 240 feet from end to end. (The Peachtree letters reach six feet.)

Lane closures will take place in March and April -- times and dates are not yet available -- but traffic will be maintained in both directions. One side of the bridge will remain open for pedestrians.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of April.