The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Brings Public Art Program to Downtown Atlanta

June 23,2011

Elevate / Art Above Underground, a temporary public art event will showcase local talent

The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Public Art Program officially launches Elevate / Art Above Underground August 26 - October 30,2011.Elevate / Art Above Underground, is a temporary art eventfeaturing innovative projects by local, national and international artists along the Upper Alabama Street Corridor and surrounding areas in central downtown Atlanta.

Elevate / Art Above Undergroundas an initiative of the Office of Cultural Affairs’ Public Art Program, brings public art to downtown Atlanta that will stimulate an emerging interest in public art and downtown Atlanta. Elevate will present an assortment of exhibitions ranging from large murals to highly conceptual art with a focus on showcasing local talent.

Elevatewill be an unique public art event with urban characteristics that offers longevity, accessibility and is close in proximity to public transportation,” explains Eddie Granderson, Public Art Program Manager for the Office of Cultural Affairs.

Audience interaction is a major focus of the event,states Courtney Hammond, the Event Coordinator. “Dance, visual art, digital media, poetry, collaborative group experiences and interactive installations are just some of the art forms that Elevate will showcase.”

During the month of May, the Office of Cultural Affairs offered workshops for the artists, to assist them in understanding the vision forElevate. Artists were instructed on how best to conceptualize working in a downtown environment with the hopes of encouraging art that interact meaningfully with a downtown audience.

Programming for Elevate / Art Above Underground, will continue throughout the 66 days and be free and open to the public.  Artists and Organizations supported by Elevate and The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs are as follows:

2 Kids and a Dream

Richard Arnold

Lillian Blades

Chris Chambers

Carlos Eguiguren

Sara Emerson



Living Walls


Alice Lovelace

Ola Bad

Fahamu Pecou

Allison Rentz


Sunday Southern Art Revival

Nathan Sharratt

Deanna Sirlin

Priscilla Smith

Ruth Stanford

Théâtre du Rêve

Lisa Tuttle

Valeria Yamamoto

Edward Wentz

Martha Wittington

Public Art installations throughout Atlanta will birth an appreciation for art in and around Atlanta. The addition of Elevate / Art Above Underground to the public art offerings will allow residents and visitors to explore art within a context of a culturally rich city which will contribute to the image of Atlanta as a thriving cultural hub,” -- Camille Russell Love, Director of the Office of Cultural Affairs.

The City of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs works to enhance Atlanta's reputation as a cultural destination. The OCA supports programs that educate and expose the public to a variety of cultural offerings in order to inspire residents and visitors to experience Atlanta’s cultural community. The Public Art Program is responsible for public art stewardship within the City of Atlanta. For more information visit