The Game Changer

January 2,2020

Sumar Deen, Georgia State University

On sunny afternoons, you could find him in Woodruff Park pushing around a little green cart.

From spring to fall, junior Jack Briggette was the keeper of “The Game Zone,” a special space at the heart of the park where patrons can get to know one another while playing board games and untangling brain teasers at picnic tables. Briggette’s cart was at the helm, piled high with chess boards, table tennis, Chutes and Ladders and the like.

In the zone, which the Woodruff Park Project created in 2017, anyone interested can grab a game and play a round or two for free. Sometimes, if there’s a big enough crowd engaged, a game might remain in play for hours.

Briggette discovered the zone as an internship opportunity at the Andrew Young School’s Spring Career Fair last March. By August, the social work major was more than a game courier. He’d become a confidant for the park regulars, particularly those who were facing homelessness and other hardships.

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