Top Construction Executives Launch New Company

October 14,2011

Three of the Southeast’s most successful construction and development professionals, Samuel L. Gude III, Kenneth S. Chestnut and CAP Executive Chairman Egbert L. J. Perry, have formed IntegralGude LLC (IG). The new company, based in Atlanta, will formally bring together executives highly regarded in the Program Management and Construction fields.

A unique opportunity to secure market share both through acquisitions and organically in domestic and emerging markets is at the core of the strategy to launch during an economic downturn Gude will serve as Chief Executive Officer, Chestnut will be a Senior Executive, and Perry will act as Chairman of the Company’s Board of Advisors and continue as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of The Integral Group, a national real estate company. Other members of the Board include:

 Mike Evans, former Georgia State Legislator and Chairman of Georgia Department of Transportation Board; Michael Anderson, Senior Vice President of Southern Company and CEO of Georgia Power Foundation; Eugene Duffy, Senior Vice President of Paradigm Asset Management; Simon Foster, a Consultant with extensive public-private partnership experience on infrastructure projects; Carl Powell, a partner in The Integral Group and responsible for that company’s Capital and Emerging Markets divisions. 

IntegralGude will provide four essential services: Program Management; Construction/Construction Management; Infrastructure Development; Facility Operations and Maintenance. IG’s target markets will be in the area of Sustainable and Comprehensive Infrastructure and Building Solutions. The company will undertake major capital programs in transportation, aviation, education, water and sewer, healthcare, the management of institutional projects, and the construction of commercial projects and multi-family and senior housing.

Having benefitted early in their careers from guidance and mentorship from Atlanta business leaders, the IntegralGude principals are committed to being mentors to a new generation of entrepreneurs. More information can be found at the company’s website