TV filming at 98 Cone St. will close some Fairlie-Poplar Streets July 9-14

July 1,2014

Bonanza Productions
1159 Logan Circle NW
Atlanta, Georgia 30318
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FROM: Dodd Vickers
DATE: 6/30/2014
RE: Filming at 98 Cone St NW

We are excited to inform you of a new television series filming a scene in the Fairlie/Poplar neighborhood scheduled for Friday July 11th. Filming will take place primarily at night, although the schedule could change.

In order to stage production vehicles and to preserve public safety, the production will be permitting parking lanes and side walks on Cone St as well as Spring St and Poplar St.

Residents in the area will be able to access these streets, but may be asked to hold temporarily.
During this time, please take caution and be aware of these lane restrictions.

Below is a list of roads/lanes we will be closing with corresponding dates:
• Full Closure of Poplar Street on July 9th until the late morning of July 12th and again on Monday July 14th.
• Closure of the sidewalk and the Southern lane of Spring Street between Walton St and Poplar St. on July 11th until the morning of July 12th
• Closure of the northernmost lane and sidewalk of Cone St. between Walton St and Luckie St. from noon on Friday July 11th until noon on Saturday July 12th.

We will be installing appropriate traffic control devices, and will have the appropriate City of Atlanta Police Officers on hand to safely enforce these closures and ensure residential traffic is unimpeded.

As guests in the Fairlie/Poplar community we strive to mitigate our impact on residents and businesses. Please feel free to contact us at the phone number and email address below with any questions.

Dodd Vickers
Key Assistant Location Manager