Twin Smokers BBQ & Bourbon to Open on Oct. 6

September 23,2014

Slow-smoked barbecue and smooth bourbon will soon be available when Twin Smokers Barbecue & Bourbon opens Monday, Oct. 6. Legacy Restaurant Partners, known for bringing original food and entertainment concepts to the Downtown neighborhood, continues to innovate with this new restaurant—just in time to commemorate Legacy’s 20-year anniversary in Downtown Atlanta.

The 4,000-square-foot space located at 300 Marietta Street promises a delicious good time for lovers of smoked meats, fresh sides, craft beer and strong cocktails to match. Legacy Restaurant Partners’ corporate executive chef Chris Blobaum (formerly corporate chef of Bone’s, OK Café and Blue Ridge Grill) will oversee the menu of authentic, high-quality foods cooked fresh every day.

“Twin Smokers” refers to the restaurant’s two custom fire-engine-red Oyler 700 smokers, which cook the best barbecue around. One smoker is designated strictly for chicken and pork, and the other for beef, which strengthens individual flavors. Twin Smokers also boasts its own “wood library” to store mesquite and post oak wood for potent flavor in beef, as well as hickory and white oak for the chicken and pork.