West Peachtree Place Paving and Two Way Conversion Schedule

July 22,2011

Beginning August 1st, West Peachtree Place between Centennial Olympic Park Drive and West Peachtree Street will be open to two-way traffic.  This change will improve access to the buildings and businesses along the street and help reduce driver confusion.  West Peachtree Place is the first of many two-way conversions that are planned for Downtown Atlanta.  For more information about this conversion visit

Work to convert West Peachtree Place to two-way operations is very close to completion. Weather permitting the project will be paved, restriped and converted into a two-way street by the beginning of August. The limits of work are West Peachtree Place from West Peachtree Street to Centennial Olympic Park Drive including the intersections of Spring Street, Williams Street and Centennial Olympic Park Drive. 

The actual work will be taking place as follows:

7/25 - 7/27 Mill
7/28 - 7/29 Paving and Temporary Striping   
8/1 Permanent Striping




The conversion to two-way operation will be implemented during the paving and temporary striping operation. Changeable message signs and other ‘caution’ roadway signage will be used to alert motorists to the change.  

Thank you for your patience and continued support during the construction process. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.