When Communities Like Downtown And The Westside Thrive, Atlanta Thrives.

November 20,2018

A.J. Robinson, Saporta Report

In a city of neighborhoods, Atlantans commonly define themselves by demarcations – not this district, but that one.

This conglomeration is a mainstay of our city’s character and uniqueness, but it comes with its challenges, too, in that we sometimes emphasize our divisions more than our connectedness.

As a community improvement district, our clearly-defined boundaries are necessary for governance and deploying our clean and safe initiatives, but as the work of Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District evolve, the fluidity of Downtown’s borders (east, west, north, and south) becomes more essential to the collective betterment of our city—namely, we believe that what benefits Downtown, in turn, benefits our neighbors, and vice versa.

The same can certainly be said of the Westside Future Fund, whose mission likewise centers on the wellbeing of its focus communities whose ultimate success translates into the greater wellbeing of Atlanta.

The work of CAP/ADID and WFF are both concentrated on holistic community wellness, our areas of focus, from infrastructure and greenspace improvements to economic vitality and public safety. Our organizations each benefit from the support of the business and philanthropic communities, whose sense of corporate and social responsibility are essential in helping our districts reach their full potential.

Though Downtown has historically been something of an island unto itself, due to the interstates and other man-made barriers that carve their way through the urban core, a national trend of urbanization is helping reconnect us to our neighbors, including the Westside.

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