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Iconic Woodruff Park Fountain Flows Again

April 21,2011

The round fountain in Downtown Atlanta’s Woodruff Park has been restored to its former brilliance thanks to backing from the City of Atlanta’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (DPRCA).

Due to the drought in 2007, the fountains in Woodruff Park had to be turned off to comply with City policy. During that dormant time, the fountain became in need of serious and major repair. After four years of inactivity, the fountain is now operating sustainably with well water thanks to the City of Atlanta, the Woodruff Park Partnership and funding from the Rich Foundation, Waterfall Foundation and Kendeda Foundation. Atlanta-based Fountain Solutions led the reconstruction project.

With $60,000 in funding from the City of Atlanta, Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District embarked on the first phase of a long-term improvement project for the fountain. This initial phase includes replacing damaged and missing lighting fixtures, upgrading pumps and controls and cleaning and painting the structure’s interiors walls.

“The fountain is the anchor and an iconic figure for the park,” said A.J. Robinson, President of Central Atlanta Progress. “It brings even more vitality and life to Woodruff Park and we’re very happy to see it operating in an efficient and sustainable way,”

Constructed in 1995, the fountain is the International Peace Fountain that commemorates Atlanta’s role in the Civil Rights movement, as well as the global human rights movement. Located at the intersection of Auburn Avenue and Park Place, the fountain serves as the gateway to the historic King Memorial and Sweet Auburn Districts.

Located in the heart of Downtown Atlanta’s bustling Fairlie-Poplar business district, Woodruff Park boasts six acres of green space, the Reading Room & Recreation Area, various vendors, a music pavilion and more. Through an agreement with the City of Atlanta, CAP and ADID have a primary role in the daily upkeep and maintenance of Woodruff Park.