World of Coca-Cola Greets Three Millionth Visitor

April 7,2010

It seemed like an ordinary Wednesday morning to Vicki Cheeks of Ranger, GA as she enjoyed the great springtime weather and waited in line with her family to visit the World of Coca-Cola. Once inside, it became apparent that this Wednesday would in fact be quite different for her. As it turned out, Mrs. Cheeks was the three millionth guest to visit the new World of Coca-Cola since it opened at Pemberton Place on May 24, 2007. This distinction meant Mrs. Cheeks was the center of attention as she made her way into the central atrium of the attraction. Her arrival set off a celebration that included a shower of balloons, a photo shoot with the Coca-Cola Polar Bear and the presentation of a gift basket loaded down with prizes - all while hundreds of her fellow visitors to the attraction cheered and joined in the festivities.

“So many things happened to cause us to get here when we did this morning. We were running late to start with and then we forgot our parking ticket in the deck and had to go back to get it. I guess it all worked out, though! I can’t believe all this!” exclaimed Mrs. Cheeks as she stood amidst the balloons. Mrs. Cheeks can visit the attraction as many times as she would like now, since she received a lifetime pass to the World of Coca-Cola as part of her prize package. Other gifts included 5000 My Coke Rewards points and a year’s supply of Coca-Cola products.

“We’re so excited to have had three million guests from all around the world visit us during our first three years,” said Russell Jacobs, General Manager of Retail and Attractions for The Coca-Cola Company. “We’re humbled by the fact that our company and our brands enjoy such a strong connection with people that they want to make visiting us a part of their time with friends and family. Our goal here at the World of Coca-Cola is to create great memories for our guests. I think we definitely did that today!”