World’s Largest Cheerleading Competition Attempts to Break Record

February 3,2010

A Celebration of HOPE & Cheer: CHEERSPORT attempts to break Oprah’s world record Flash Mob Dance

CHEERSPORT is proud to announce the addition of A Celebration of Hope and Cheer to their 2010 National Championship weekend. CHEERSPORT Nationals, held at the Georgia World Congress center February 5-7, 2010, is the largest cheerleading competition in the world. With over 850 teams ( 20,000+ athletes and coaches) it is going to be a SUPER weekend of Cheerleading & Dance.

A Celebration of Hope and Cheer will be held Friday night at the Georgia Dome starting at 8pm. Planned activities include performances by a Special Needs team, the University of Louisville Cheerleaders and the 2010 So You Think You Can Tumble contest. CHEERSPORT is proud to announce that Olympic Gold medalist Shawn Johnson will be helping to kick off this event.

“We are beyond thrilled to welcome one of the biggest sports stars in the world today to our premiere event in Atlanta,” said CHEERSPORT President, Kevin Brubaker. “Just like the American public in general, cheerleaders have a true respect for Shawn Johnson and her accomplishments. Her personality is even more captivating than her incredible accomplishments and I know our competitors and spectators will love that Shawn Johnson is going to be a part of our event, she is truly a worthy role model for our athletes”. As a special bonus, Peter Korman, who earned an Olympic medal in Men's Gymnastics, will also be in attendance and judge.

In addition to the So You Think You Can Tumble Contest, Georgia Allstar’s renowned choreographer Jamie Parrish, has created a routine for all in attendance to perform in an attempt to set a world record for a group performance involving cheerleaders and hopefully breaking the current World Record held by Oprah’s flash mob dance. You can see the dance at