Wyndham Destinations Looks to Put Millennials Into Urban Timeshares

July 29,2020

Cameron Sperance, Yahoo! Finance

Timeshare and vacation club company Wyndham Destinations is continuing an urban expansion with a new dual-brand property in Atlanta. Its development says a lot about the future of timeshare travel.

A dual-branded Margaritaville Vacation Club — a timeshare partnership with music star Jimmy Buffett’s brand of the same name — and Club Wyndham property is slated to open in 2022 in downtown Atlanta, Wyndham Destinations announced Wednesday.

This move into city centers across the U.S. is a signal the timeshare sector recognizes it has to adapt to new travel trends.

“There is still a broad misperception out there that timeshare is same unit, same week, same location, same time of the year,” Wyndham Destinations CEO Michael Brown said. “That’s the perception, and — broadly — timeshare now is all about flexibility. The urban city center downtown destination is the prime leading indicator that trend has changed.”

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