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Atlanta Downtown Improvement District Awards 2023 Honorees

January 23, 2024

Each year the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) honors three employees who have shown incredible dedication and passion for their work.

Ambassador of the Year | Lorne Coleman

Lorne has consistently represented our Ambassador Force with excellence in various capacities. His participation in multiple meetings, including city-wide pre-events, primary site visits, and public safety pre-events for major conventions and conferences, has been invaluable. Lorne's networking skills with our ADID Public Safety Partners and Stakeholders have been highly effective, showcasing his commitment to fostering positive relationships.

One of Lorne's notable achievements includes playing a crucial role in the rebranding of the COMNET Radio Program, now known as CONNECT Radio, as part of the CONNECT Atlanta Camera and Radio Integration Program (Operation Shield). In his role as the ADID CONNECT Radio Coordinator, Lorne has provided critical training for program members and assisted the Atlanta Police Foundation with equipment maintenance, demonstrating his dedication to program success.

Throughout 2023, Lorne's performance has been nothing short of stellar, and he has consistently gone above and beyond expectations. His continued commitment to excellence makes him the clear choice for Ambassador of the Year.

Public Space Clean Employee of the Year | William Lawson

William has been an integral part of our Clean Team for over 14 years, demonstrating a remarkable commitment to his role. His dedication, teamwork, and strong work ethic have set a high standard for excellence within our organization. William consistently goes above and beyond the expectations of his role, taking great pride in his work and displaying outstanding leadership qualities.

One of William's notable strengths is his unwavering team spirit. Always ready to assist in any way possible, he embodies the values of collaboration and support. His positive attitude and willingness to go the extra mile have significantly contributed to the success of our team and the realization of ADID's mission and principles.

William's leadership has not only benefited the overall operation but has also played a crucial role in the professional development of his colleagues. His ability to share knowledge and encourage learning has fostered a positive and collaborative work environment.

Beyond his role at ADID, William enjoys spending time watching sports, with his kids, and playing with his grandchildren, showcasing his commitment to both work and family.

Homeless Outreach Employee of the Year | Rodney Wolfe

Since joining ADID, Rodney has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to providing compassion and care to our unhoused neighbors within the District. His dedication and focus on making a positive impact have not gone unnoticed.

As a veteran, Rodney has gone above and beyond by dedicating his time and energy to supporting fellow veterans experiencing homelessness. He has taken the lead on our monthly collaboration with the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Homeless Outreach Team, showcasing his commitment to serving those who have served our country.

Rodney's initiative extends beyond his day-to-day responsibilities. He took it upon himself to create a comprehensive resource book that efficiently compiles pertinent information for ADID's use. This initiative has added significant value to our team, streamlining processes and enhancing our ability to provide support.

Not only does Rodney take the initiative in his work, but he also actively provides valuable feedback, encourages his team members, and consistently seeks ways to improve his skills and knowledge of the homeless ecosystem. His proactive and positive approach has contributed to a collaborative and supportive team environment.

APD Zone 5 Officers of the Year | Ayesha Abdul-Hakeem and Ariel McDonald

ADID also shows its support of the officers in Zone 5 of the Atlanta Police Department through its APD Zone 5 Officer of the Year Award. This year, two officers are honored for their remarkable courage and composure during an active shooter situation. The officers performed various lifesaving measures and embodied what it means to serve and protect.