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Small Business Spotlight: Mocha Pops

May 03, 2024

Photo by AS3 Storytelling courtesy of Central Atlanta Progress

Mocha Pops has just what you need on any day downtown--from a hot drink in winter to a cold treat in July. You can find them at their store in the Healey Building or sometimes selling snacks from their cart in Woodruff Park or on the Broad Street Boardwalk. Keep scrolling to read how downtown inspires founder and owner Keisa Manning.

Tell us about Mocha Pops.

We are a premier pop and hot beverage company with a focus on vegan and wellness products. We also offer custom pops and private label. We started Mocha Pops in 2015 and opened our brick-and-mortar shop in the Healey Building in 2018 where we have a total of five employees.

Do you have any special seasonal pops at the moment?

We have a catering menu of 50 flavors and regularly cycle those out seasonally so that you will eventually try all of them. This spring and summer will include Key Lime Pie, Caramel Crunch, Raspberry Blackberry, Ginger Peach, Orange Creamsicle and a few surprises!

Why did you choose to do business in Downtown Atlanta?

We are Atlanta natives and have lived in the city for years and we wanted to do business in a community that we love. We love the diversity of Downtown. There’s untapped value everywhere.

What is the best thing about being in Downtown Atlanta?

Downtown Atlanta truly thrives on its community and neighbors. There are so many guardians that wake up and polish our city every day, including CAP and ADID and everyone in between. We had a horrible storm one night with tons of debris and fallen leaves and branches everywhere, it was cleaned and repaired by 10:00 am! It’s a community that puts in effort every day. Where there is will and persistence, there is growth.

owner Keisa Manning stands near a sign displaying all of the current flavors offered at her store mocha pops
Photo by AS3 Storytelling courtesy of Central Atlanta Progress

Do you have a favorite Downtown memory?

There are so many. Everything from the 1996 Olympics, the rebirth of Underground Atlanta, the rebuild of Broad Street, every airing of our civil leaders, parades, celebrations and— oh, meeting my husband James in Downtown!

What makes you excited about the future of Downtown Atlanta?

Atlanta is a special place. It is constantly evolving and growing. We understand how far it’s come and the importance of its culture and footprint. It’s poised to unlock its true potential and we are excited to see it. We have a mayor that’s focused and listens and a community that shows up!

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