Golden Frog Day

Past Dates & Times
  • Wednesday, Aug 14, 2019

Zoo Atlanta
800 Cherokee Ave


Join us as we highlight a global day of awareness for one of Earth’s rarest and most beautiful amphibians: the Panamanian golden frog

Why should you care? 

National treasures of Panama, these frogs are now considered extinct in the wild. Education, field research and survival in assurance colonies now represent their only chance of success for the future. 

Despite its cultural status, these frogs are in trouble. Endangered by deforestation and pollution from farming and logging are destroying the golden frog’s home.  Chytrid, a deadly fungus, moved into the frog’s range in the mid-2000s.

In addition to maintaining a reproducing colony of Panamanian golden frogs, Zoo Atlanta devotes staff resources and expertise to projects in the field in Panama and has supported Project Golden Frog, with an eventual goal of releasing golden frogs back to their native forests. Efforts supported have included scientific field studies, education programs, breeding programs to preserve the species’ genetic diversity, and awareness-building of the Panamanian golden frog as a model for global amphibian decline.

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