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Illumine 2024

Date and Time for this Past Event


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About the Event

As the sun sets, the Cemetery is transformed. Through innovative lighting and art installations by local artists, interactive experiences, and live music, Illumine 2024 will light up the shadows of the night. Experience Oakland after dark against the inspiring backdrop of Atlanta’s glittering skyline.

In addition to exploring parts of the Cemetery after the sun goes down, Illumine attendees will also enjoy live entertainment, multiple bars, and an Oakland pop-up shop.

Featured Installations

Illumine’s 2024 contributors have worked within the theme “Out of the Shadows,” making use of light, shadow, and movement to reveal new ways of seeing Oakland’s landscape:

Infinity Shadows In Oakland by David “WAVI” Muehlenkamp allows participants to see themselves in the infinity mirrors, where only they exist with their shadow in perpetuity.

Left Unsaid by Stefanie Wardrep lets participants take the words, memories, secrets, and confessions that have been in the darkness of loss and send them into the light.

Aurora Avenue by Philip Cheng. An interplay of motion, light, and shadow, this experience pays homage to winter and heralds the coming of spring.

Cast Your Shadow by Black Label Design Company invites you to play and to participate in creating shadow art and images.

Into the Light by DJJRHO is a soundscape soundtrack inspired by the beauty only found within Oakland Cemetery. Follow the sounds as they take you through the shadows and back into the light.

Attracted to Light by Cooper Sanchez and Steve Bransford. For Sanchez, moths are a fitting mascot for Illumine and a metaphor for all of us attracted to light in Oakland Cemetery.

Moon Garden, by Allen Meredith & Phillip Cheng. This installation evokes images of moonlit nights, silhouettes, and hidden truths—the unseen aspects that exist beyond the direct light.

Musical Performers

  • Thursday, April 18: Joe Capo, OKCello
  • Friday, April 19:  Veronika Jackson, Bonaventure Quartet
  • Saturday, April 20: Veronika Jackson, Bonaventure Quartet
  • Sunday, April 21: Joe Capo, OKCello
  • Thursday, April 25: Joe Capo, OKCello
  • Friday, April 26: Veronika Jackson, Bonaventure Quartet
  • Saturday, April 27: Veronika Jackson, Moody Hollow
  • Sunday, April 28: Joe Capo, OKCello