Of The Fantastic: Extraordinary ATL

Dates and Times
  • Wed, Jun 1, 2022 - Sun, Jul 31, 2022

An outdoor digital exhibition featuring artwork that is ethereal, yet layered in emotion and context.

Arts & Entertainment Atlanta presents its third digital exhibition, Of the Fantastic: Extraordinary ATL, from June 1 - July 31. Curated by Lauren Jackson Harris, work by 11 Atlanta-based artists are featured on three A&E Atlanta digital signs throughout Downtown Atlanta.

Artwork rotates between commercial content. Artwork on each sign can generally be viewed every 15 minutes.

Curator Statement from Lauren Jackson Harris:
There’s a depth to Atlanta that most miss by looking past its richness. As an Atlanta native, I see the underbelly of creative energy in a city being overrun by fabricated personas, grandiose stunting and the ever-mounting effects of gentrification. Atlanta has artists that produce work intrinsic to their communities, whether native or long-time residents. The exhibition, Of the Fantastic: Extraordinary ATL, will feature artists whose work is ethereal, yet layered in emotion and context. The fantastical elements in each of the works selected provide a look into the Atlanta artist's mind and offer underlying sentiments into their various cultures, ideals, and dynamics. The images draw viewers in with curiosity by seemingly being indistinct or obtuse in nature, but also holding a gentleness of reliability and ease. Living in the fantastic is whimsical in thought and we all could use a little of that these days...

Artists at Reverb Hotel by Hard Rock
José Ibarra Rizo
Timothy Short
Melissa Huang
Lewinale Havette

Artists at Peachtree Center
Chiomma Hall
Ato Ribeiro
Horace Imhotep
Kristian Melom

Artists at Margaret Mitchell Square
Aineki Traverso
Chloe Alexander
Emily Mann

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