TEDxAtlanta: Begin at the Beginning (Virtual)

Past Dates & Times
  • Friday, Apr 16, 2021 9:00am-4:00pm

We're back! The 2021 edition of TEDxAtlanta will be streamed live to living rooms everywhere on April 16, 2021. If you've attended a conference in the past, you know that there is always a surprise or two and the 2021 edition will be no exception!



The TEDxAtlanta 2021 Mainstage event, themed “Begin at the Beginning,” will spotlight 12 speakers with ideas that epitomize the human spirit and celebrate innovations from Georgia and beyond.



In addition to the twelve 6-to-12 minute talks delivered in the signature TEDx style, we're thrilled to introduce virtual workshops, called Discovery Sessions and 1:1 virtual networking made possible by the Hopin Virtual Event Platform. The Discovery Sessions will take place during the conversation breaks between the speaker segments and will be led by the speakers themselves and members of the TEDx community in Atlanta and from around the world.



Ebony Glover, Neuroscientist- Talk Topic: severe stress and PTSD


Elizabeth Strickler, Imagineer- Talk Topic: Creating a stronger creative economy


Deb Lavoy, Disinformation Fighter- Talk Topic: Fighting disinformation is a team sport


Geoff Livingston, Photographer, Storyteller- Talk Topic: A window into the pandemic lockdown


Neha Shukla, Inventor- Talk Topic: A call to arms for her generation to innovate


John A Lanier, Climate Champion- Talk Topic: we can fight climate change but it’s not the way you think


Shivani A. Patel, Social Epidemiologist- Talk Topic: COVID-19 forces public health professionals to rethink the tenets of effective care


Joey Womack, Catalyst, Convener- Talk Topic: The biggest challenge for founders of color and social enterprises is not access to capital but access to a network


Kristin Moody, Empathy Researcher- Talk Topic – We are physiologically wired to empathize. Let’s harness it to bridge the divide


Neale Martin, Author- Talk Topic: How to Begin


Aurora Robson, Debris Artist- Talk Topic: Rethinking Junk Mail

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