Atlanta Arts and Entertainment District:
A New Sign District for Downtown

The Atlanta Arts & Entertainment District creates both new, creatively and innovatively regulated advertising sign rights for private property owners and a platform that will power new public space programming in Downtown Atlanta.  The new outdoor media and programs will:

  • Support Downtown as the preferred diverse and active market place for commerce and entertainment
  • Create light, vitality and activity through multimedia signage and District-funded arts and culture programming
  • Support commercial investment and enhance public gathering spaces
  • Provide a marketing platform that helps make Atlanta a premier host city.

At its core, the District is a neighborhood activation and economic development project for Downtown Atlanta that is powered by non-traditional outdoor media with the ultimate District goal of enlivening the core of the city through interactive, immersive and experimental arts and culture events and experiences. 

As the physical and symbolic center of the city and the region, Downtown must continue to grow and evolve as the preferred dense, diverse and active market place for commerce and entertainment.  Digital signage and media, managed in a coordinated way, can play a significant role in supporting this desired activity and defining Atlanta’s culture and brand.

Notice of Advisory Committee Nominations

Atlanta City Council adopted legislation creating and regulating the Atlanta Arts & Entertainment District in June 2017.   A portion of that legislative action included the authorization of a Cooperation Agreement between the City of Atlanta and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID), a community improvement district that provides governmental services on behalf of Downtown property owners as a private 501(c)(3) corporation, to manage the District.  Operations and decision-making related to the District will be governed by Board of Directors of ADID.  A key component of the management and oversight of the District will be the creation of an Advisory Committee to the ADID Board of Directors. 

Download details regarding the Advisory Committee Nominations here.

Notice of Permit Application Availability

Details will be announced soon.  Permit applications will not be accepted by the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District until October 2, 2017.

Document Downloads

District Summary Fact Sheet
District Map

Final Legislation
District Creation (16-O-1608)
Zoning Updates, District Map and Sign Plan (17-O-1009)
Authorization of Cooperation Agreement (17-R-3001)

Current Initial Permit Application Timeline (effective July 31, 2017)
Initial Sign Permit Application Process - Coming Soon


If you have questions or need more information, contact Jennifer Ball.