The Atlanta Public Parking Collaborative Pilot is now underway. The Pilot, which is a recommendation from the 2013 Downtown Atlanta Parking Assessment, aims to market existing private parking facilities as a consolidated public parking system. The Pilot consists of two complementary components intended to promote the participating facilities: signage (both on-facility and in the public right-of-way) and online advertising. Both components will continue to be rolled out throughout 2015. Look out for the orange and blue "P" around Downtown to indicate pilot participants. 

As the Pilot moves forward, additional applications will be considered. If you are interested in enrolling in the Pilot, please see the complete Request for Proposals and the PDF form application below.

Request for proposals

The complete request for proposals is available for download here.

pdf form application

The PDF application above must be submitted to be considered for inclusion in the Downtown Atlanta Parking Collaborative Pilot. Please complete the form and e-mail it to Shayna Pollock (