Clean Car Campaign Challenge

Originally launched in 2009, the Atlanta Police Department’s Clean Car Campaign helped to dramatically reduce the number of vehicle break-ins and thefts in the city center. However, in 2013, vehicle break-ins were up from 817  to 914 incidents from the previous year.   Central Atlanta Progress and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District have partnered with The Atlanta Police Department to relaunch the campaign by challenging the community to help reduce the number of vehicle larcenies by one hundred in 2014. 

Business owners, employees, citizens and visitors are encouraged to follow the Clean Car Campaign by keeping a “clean car” and removing all valuables −  such as purses, cell phones, GPS navigation systems, laptops and tablet computers - from unattended vehicles. The best way we can realize our goal of reducing the number of vehicle break-ins is by fostering city-wide participation in the 2014 Clean Car Campaign Challenge.  If you would like to get involved with the effort, we have a number of items listed below that we can provide you to help spread the word about the Clean Car Campaign.  If you are interested in obtaining any of the Clean Car Campaign collateral that is available, please contact APD at

You may also pick up car hangers from any zone precinct.

Educational Materials and Collateral:

Free Standing Sign

Car Hangers

Front - English                  Back - Spanish   

APD Public Service Announcement YouTube Video 

Released during the original launch of the Clean Car Campaign