A New Look For Downtown Atlanta Outlined In Master Plan

March 22,2017

Source: Miranda Hawkins, 90.1 WABE

Downtown Atlanta could look a lot different in 15 years.

The City of Atlanta and Central Atlanta Progress are updating the Downtown Atlanta Master Plan for the first time in a decade.

Jennifer Ball, CAP's vice president of planning and economic development, said some wants are the same, like more bike facilities and walkable streets. She also said parks and green space have now become bigger priorities.

"There are more people living here and working here," Ball said. "We really need places for people just to take a breather, get out of the office, walk the dog."

She said the plan knits together all the different developments, including Underground Atlanta and Turner Field.

"If you have a good plan, developers, the investment community, know right away whether or not what they envision is consistent with where we are trying to go," she said.

Right now, the plan is still in the concept phase but a more detailed plan will be unveiled in June.

The Atlanta City Council will adopt a final recommendation, which will drive zoning and land use policies.

Before then, there will be more neighborhood meetings to get more public input.