Behind the Scenes with Jackson Spalding and Theatrical Outfit

May 4,2011

Many famous brands are synonymous not only with success, but also with a popular tagline. For Theatrical Outfit, a new tagline helped revitalize the theatre’s brand in a city where competition is fierce for the entertainment dollar.

As one of dozens of professional theatre companies in Atlanta, Theatrical Outfit needed to differentiate itself with a compelling brand identity. Through the Jackson Spalding Excavation™ process, organizational leaders were able to uncover insights, ideas and information that helped Theatrical Outfit project a better story about their organization, where performances tell “stories that stir the soul.”

Jackson Spalding worked with Theatrical Outfit to weave this new tagline into promotional items and advertising. It caught on so well that audiences now repeat it back during the curtain speech.

This two-minute video takes you Behind the Scenes.