Bigbelly Smart Waste and Recycling System Beautifies Atlanta Parks

September 1,2015

Bigbelly, Inc., the leader in smart waste and recycling management, announces its cloud-connected Smart Waste & Recycling system beautifies Atlanta's parks and improves visitors' enjoyment of these public spaces. The system intelligently gathers, consolidates, and analyzes data from connected waste and recycling units for a complete waste management solution that keeps Atlanta's crown jewels in pristine condition.

Atlanta's 366 parks provide 4,804 acres of urban oasis and act as focal points for encouraging community spirit and involvement. With Bigbelly installed by the City of Atlanta Department of Park and Recreation (DPR), daily visitors can enjoy the parks without subjection to overflowing waste, litter, and pests. Atlanta Park Pride, a nonprofit working to improve the City's parks, championed bringing Bigbelly to Atlanta in support of broader waste management and beautification efforts.

"Our park programs and services encourage Atlanta residents and visitors to participate in a range of activities and cultural experiences," said Department of Parks and Recreation Commissioner, Amy Phuong. "We take great pride in the quality of operation and care of our parks facilities. Bigbelly has already proven great success in helping to create a safe, enriching environment by dramatically increasing recycling and trash disposal within select parks."

Visitors can find Bigbelly on the Beltline and in the Ben Hill Park, Chastain Memorial Park, Piedmont Park, White Park, and Woodruff Park. This example of DPR investments supports its mission of making Atlanta 'the city of choice through exceptional spaces and memorable experiences.'

"Atlanta is a progressive city with a commitment to preserving its award winning parks," said Jack Kutner, Bigbelly CEO. "DPR found our Bigbelly system a viable and innovative way to deliver improved aesthetics and services through a smart, connected infrastructure. Such an endorsement by Atlanta parks serves to validate wider deployments and value-add to the city in driving operational efficiency and improved quality of life."