CAP Issues RFP for Public Outreach and Engagement Support for Downtown Transportation & Sustainability Programs

January 11,2017

Central Atlanta Progress (CAP) and the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District (ADID) seek a qualified staffing, marketing, or outreach firm to support CAP/ADID in providing education and outreach to Downtown commuters on regional and local incentive programs designed to reduce congestion by reducing single occupancy vehicle trips (SOV) and promoting the use of alternative modes of transportation.

The desired firm will provide “street team” outreach services in the form of on-the-ground communication with Downtown employees and/or commuters. In addition to other CAP-ADIDorganized events, these services will support directly and also supplement CAP/ADID staff in the successful execution of Tasks 2, 3 and 4 within the ARC “Employer Services” Scope of Work attached to CAP/ADID’s Subgrant Agreement with ARC for employee/commuter outreach (reference Exhibit A).


Exhibit A reference attachment:

Frequently Asked Questions and Responses: