Capitol City Bank & Trust Co. Changing Atlanta's West End

February 23,2012


George Andrews: Bank president, business leader, mentor and motivator.

He grew up in Atlanta's West End, and says he will never give up on its potential and the potential of its residents.

"I grew up in this community. The West End for many years was the economic catalyst for development throughout Atlanta," Andrews said.

But in the late 60s the West End started to change.

"When the money left the community with 'White Flight', I saw what economic power meant to a community, so it was a lifetime ambition to restore the community back to the zenith it was prior to the money leaving the community. I thought a community bank could be a catalyst to restore hope," he said.

Andrews set his goal on building a bank to serve the underserved African American community and to rebuild the West End.

"This is going to be a people's bank so it ought to be owned by the people of the community. So I focused my attention on the people," Andrews said.

And from this effort of raising money from his own community in the early 90s, Andrews founded Capitol City Bank & Trust Co., headquartered on Lee Street in the heart of the West End. Andrews has been the bank's CEO and president since it was founded.

As a mentor to young African Americans, Andrews advocates education and service as the keys to success.

"Never let the fear of striking out stop you from playing the game. I think too many times we look at the downside of failure and the humiliation of not being able to achieve ones objectives. But play it. Go for it," Andrews said.

For him, that means never leaving the West End or its heritage.

"We do the very best we can on trying to make a difference," he said.

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