Downtown Atlanta Connectivity Report

August 8,2014

The Atlanta Central Business District (ACBD) area has a very dense metropolitan fiber optic infrastructure, built by myriad telecommunications companies over the years. Additionally, significant long-haul fiber optic network routes originating from all points of the compass transition through the downtown core interconnection facilities -- making Atlanta the Southeast’s nexus point for internet, voice and data traffic.

Atlanta is better connected than most of the large metropolitan areas within the United States. These networks can support any standard business applications, in most cases “out of the box.”

The Atlanta Central Business District has over a dozen telecommunications companies that own and operate fiber networks in the area. These networks operators, in turn, provide access and endpoint service support to hundreds of telecommunications companies across the globe. For instance, a telecommunications company in India can facilitate an international circuit between a client in their country that has a presence in one of the many large office buildings within the Atlanta Central Business District.

Atlanta houses one of the “key” internet hubs in the United States, housed at 56 Marietta. Each region in the U.S. has a super-data center where most of the internet and corresponding data traffic traverses, and 56 Marietta is that facility for Atlanta.