Downtown Atlanta momentum continues as restoration of historic Grant Building announced

October 4,2017

Source: Josh Green, Curbed Atlanta

In its quest to become a truly vibrant district, downtown Atlanta appears to have placed another potential feather in its cap at the corner of Broad and Walton streets.

That’s where Denver-based Kramer Real Estate Investments and partner H2 Capital have recently bought a 10-story building with intentions of renovating the 1898 property to lure hip tenants (or lawyers) and vibrant retail, officials announced today.

Poised over the Fairlie-Poplar District and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the W.D. Grant Building is the second oldest structure constructed of steel in the Southeast.

It offers 135,000 square feet total—10,000 of that being restaurant and retail space—with a “substantial” portion empty now. That includes a 30,000-square-foot chunk across the two top floors, officials said.

The new owners plan a multi-million-dollar, “significant building modernization” that will include “restoring the elevators, roof, fire protection, and building safety systems, installing new lighting, paint, and other cosmetic improvements,” according to a press release.

Efforts to lease office and retail space—positioned around the corner from Underground Atlanta’s planned transformation—have begun. They’re seeking tenants “desiring an urban, authentic environment” in a setting rich with history.

“Downtown Atlanta is undergoing a real estate boom and turning into a diverse and vibrant economic hub,” said Brandon Kramer, owner of Kramer Real Estate Investments.

It’s only Wednesday, but elsewhere in downtown this week, news has emerged of Peachtree Center’s dramatic overhaul and an ongoing project that appears to be converting a vacant old office building into a much larger hotel property.