From Whiskey To Hand Sanitizer: The Old Fourth Distillery Weighs Its Options

March 27,2020

Jim Burress, 90.1 WABE

When life gave Craig Moore lemons, he made a lawn dart.

That’s the name of the lemon-infused liquor that had become a popular staple at Atlanta’s Old Fourth Distillery.

Six years ago, Moore and his business partner and brother Jeff Moore opened the spirits shop on Edgewood Avenue. And things were going pretty good.

As Moore tells WABE’s “All Things Considered” host Jim Burress, to an extent, they still are going well — even though Old Fourth stopped its stills and turned to hand sanitizer.

Moore says his business is set to keep going with hand sanitizer for at least a few months. And he said scaling up like it has wouldn’t have been possible without the financial backing of Southern Company, which is the parent company of Georgia Power.

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