GDOT Awards $400,000 for Auburn Avenue History & Cultural Project

May 27,2011

The Georgia Department of Transportation today announced the recipients of the 2011 Transportation Enhancement (TE) Grant funds. More than $200 million in requests were submitted to the Department for the approximately $55 million in available project funds. The State Transportation Board members selected over 144 projects for this year’s TE program funds.

Congressional District 5 List

“We were so glad to work with all of our Board members in identifying worthy projects across all 13 Congressional Districts,” said Georgia DOT Commissioner Vance C. Smith, Jr. “The TE program is an important tool for us to help local communities do needed projects to improve the quality of life for their citizens.”

An estimated $55 million worth of Transportation Enhancement projects were funded in this round of grants. The TE program funds multi-use facilities such as walking and biking trails and paths; streetscaping and landscaping projects in cities and towns; historic preservation of transportation-related facilities like railroad depots; and scenic preservation of views and scenic byways. Over the past 20 years more than 1,000 projects have been selected. These projects enhance communities and improve quality of life for all Georgians.
The full TE award list is available online at: