Georgia DOT Extends Procurement Deadline for Atlanta MMPT Project

January 10,2011

ATLANTA – The Georgia Department of Transportation is extending the initial proposal submission deadline for master developer of the Multi-Modal Passenger Terminal (MMPT) in downtown Atlanta. The deadline is being extended to Thursday, January 13, 2011, 2:00 pm (EST). Proposals had been due today, January 10, but the deadline is being extended due to inclement weather.

Official notice will be posted to the Georgia procurement registry at and at, which also includes information on Georgia’s Public Private Partnership program.

The Atlanta MMPT will serve as the hub for existing and proposed transportation networks serving metro-Atlanta and beyond, including MARTA rail and bus systems, regional express bus systems and the Georgia railroad network. It may also accommodate future transportation, including high speed rail, light rail and streetcar services. In addition to its transportation functions, the MMPT will serve as a catalyst for one of the largest Transit Oriented Development (TOD) projects in the US.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is committed to providing a safe, seamless and sustainable transportation system that supports Georgia’s economy and is sensitive to both its citizens and its environment. Additional transportation revenues are imperative to grow and sustain Georgia's economic vitality and quality of life through the 21st Century. Georgia is the 3rd fastest-growing state in the nation, yet 49th in per capita spending on transportation.

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