‘Hanging gardens’ are covering highways, and chances are, one is being planned near you

January 11,2019

Emilie Ikeda, Fox News

ATLANTA – Georgia’s capital city Downtown Connector is considered one of the most blood-boiling traffic funnels in the country, with hundreds of thousands of vehicles inching along a roughly 14-lane interstate during rush hour. Yet, people are pushing to add traffic to these notoriously strapped roadways.

Several proposals in Atlanta suggest building greenery covers over sections of interstates – dubbed “hanging gardens,” or most frequently, “deck parks.”

“We’re essentially filling in a hole over a highway,” said A.J. Robinson, president of Central Atlanta Progress. The non-profit introduced its initial concept design of a deck park in 2016 but claims progress is picking up with an expected completion of its $1 million feasibility study in the next few weeks.

The project, nicknamed the Stitch, would cap a three-quarter-mile strip of the Downtown Connector (I-75/I-85 freeways) from the Civic Center MARTA Station to Piedmont Avenue. Between new park space, eateries, retail and residential areas, project proponents estimate it would generate $21 to $58 million in new revenue.

“You have to think of your favorite neighborhood park,” Robinson told Fox News above the sounds of horns and purring engines. “That’s what we’re trying to do here…festivals, gatherings, picnics, throwing a Frisbee.”

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