iPower Walk Fitness adds more power walking locations in Atlanta and Decatur!

August 17,2012

Starting in September, iPower Walk Fitness will be leading 1- and 2-mile lunch hour power walks for office professionals in Atlanta and Decatur. Each outdoor power walk will include strength and body toning exercises, instructed by certified fitness instructors.

A total of six (6) locations will be the meet-up location for hundreds walkers to lace up their walking shoes for our “iPower Walk For Lunch” program. iPower Walk Fitness instructors will lead power walks from the six locations below:

•         American Cancer Society Center: (M & W) September 5 - Oct. 29, 2012
•         191 Peachtree Tower: (T & TH) September 4th - Oct. 25, 2012
•         Promenade: (M & W) September 10 - Oct. 31, 2012
•         Terminus: (T & Th) September 11 - Nov 1, 2012
•         Decatur: (T & Th) Oct. 2 - Nov 22, 2012
•         The Mall at Peachtree Center: (T & Th) Oct. 9 - Nov 29, 2012

iPower Walk Fitness encourages walkers of all backgrounds to get fit and to explorer the community that they work in. Taught by trained fitness instructors, the power walking program includes several walking courses and strength and body toning exercises. Power walkers will check-in two (2) days per week and we will begin our power walks outdoors.

iPower Walk Fitness is founded by Zaquis Ross, a former corporate manager, who wanted to create a convenient fitness program for any community, during anytime of the day. Since its launch in 2009, iPower Walk Fitness has created power walking programs for more than 100 businesses, and over 600 individual walkers have power walked with the organization.