Museum Tower has a New Look

November 1,2012

Thank you to JiMiFLiX! Photography for the stunning image.

Museum Tower history – excerpted from “Puttin’ on the Ritz – Museum Tower’s 10th anniversary gala” by Jennifer Brooks

July 19, 1996, in the city "too busy to hate", a transformed Atlanta opened the Centennial Olympic Games to the world. The Atlanta Games would be the biggest, most visible Games ever. For 17 days, the collective focus of the world was on Atlanta. Atlanta shone! It was a glorious summer and the Games launched another rebirth of our fine city and more specifically, a rebirth of that part of the city that many have chosen as their own neighborhood.

Museum Tower is home to a wide range of people differing in so many ways who all find the building to be a haven and a truly harmonious place to live. Ten years after the first ones moved in, homeowners and residents continue to enjoy beautiful sunrises and exquisite sunsets, they are still awed by terrifying storms, blown away by concerts in the Park, and amused watching the traffic snarls from comfortable homes, appreciating the convenience of walking to work, to restaurants, to theater and to sporting events.

During Museum Tower’s 10th anniversary gala, guests crossed the street on a red carpet, escorted by Atlanta Police, for the ceremonial lighting of the crown. Once again the top of the building is lit with 25 beams from custom-designed lighting, installed by a skillful electrician/expert rock climber. With the flick of a switch at dusk on October 20, 2012, Museum Tower resumed its place as a dignified and elegant presence on the graceful skyline of Atlanta, for all to enjoy every night.