Robert W. Woodruff Park Temporary Closing

February 7,2012

On March 1st, the lawn at Woodruff Park will be temporarily closed for repairs.  Damage to the Woodruff Park lawn, electrical and irrigation systems occurred during the excessive use of the park during October, 2011. The Atlanta Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs (DPRCA), working with the Atlanta Downtown Improvement District, will close the lawn to allow for repair of the irrigation system and aeration and resodding of the lawn.  The lawn will remain closed for 10-12 weeks to allow the new sod to establish itself.

DPRCA has closed lawns in other parks, including the Piedmont Park meadow and the Candler Park field for similar lengths of time to allow such remediation.  DPRCA looks forward to reopening the Woodruff Park lawn for all to enjoy as soon as possible, most likely in May.

DPRCA asks that park users respect the closing of the lawn to ensure rapid recovery and to avoid any additional costs to restore the park to the condition in which existed prior to the damage.  Other portions of Woodruff Park will remain open to the public.

Commissioner George Dusenbury
City of Atlanta
Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs
February 6, 2012