The City of Atlanta Launches Free Smartphone App for its Public Art Collection

February 3,2015

Atlanta Public Art Tour app available for download on iPhone and Android devices

The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA), announced today the release of its new Atlanta Public Art Tour app.  In partnership with Creative Digital Productions, the OCA Public Art Program created a one-of-a-kind, interactive viewer experience that will lead users through downtown Atlanta corridors and historical sites and monuments that speak to the heart of Atlanta’s character.

“Making art accessible through technology is a priority for the Office of Cultural Affairs,” said Camille Russell Love, OCA Executive Director.  “The Atlanta Public Art Tour app, will allow patrons to discover firsthand, the rich and vibrant history of these public works and will showcase what the city of Atlanta truly has to offer.”

The easy to navigate app uses GPS to pinpoint the user’s location along with citing dozens of dynamic public artworks within the City’s collection. Atlanta Public Art Tour also features vibrant color images of the collection, while providing in-depth text and audio on the history and artists of each unique piece.  A printed guide of the tour, which will be available to residents and tourists alike, will be released soon as a companion tool for the app.  Users can download the Atlanta Public Art Tour app for free on iOS by entering Atlanta Public Art Tour in the search menu.  The app will also be offered for Android users soon.