ULI Atlanta Appoints Cooper Carry’s Kevin Cantley as New Chair

July 30,2015

ULI Atlanta has appointed Kevin Cantley, president and CEO of Atlanta architecture firm Cooper Carry, as the next chair of ULI Atlanta — which covers Georgia, Alabama and Eastern Tennessee. Cantley has been a member or the Urban Land Institute (ULI) since 1995. Cantley joined the national architecture firm in 1980 and has directed the design of corporate headquarters, office, residential, transit, retail, educational and mixed-use projects.

“I became aware of ULI in the early '70s, while in college studying architecture. Its mission was compelling to me and aligns with my professional and personal interests,” said Cantley. “Because of its broad and diverse membership, its dedication to responsible use of land, ULI has a positive impact globally and at the community level. I’m honored to be the next chair of the Atlanta district and motivated to contribute to that positive impact.”

Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that ULI Atlanta "hired" Kevin Cantley as new chair. While Cantley has been named chair of the ULI Atlanta District Council, he remains dedicated to his position as president and CEO of Cooper Carry.