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New Report Sheds Light on the State of Downtown Atlanta

October 18, 2022


Downtown Atlanta is a place with untapped potential that is built on the unique attributes of the past. In JLL’s new report, we dive into three distinct layers that truly make Downtown unique: authenticity, connectivity, and people.

The authenticity layer is made up of historic and cultural buildings, sites, districts, and markers. In the report, we denote 17 historically significant buildings constructed before 1900 that are still standing in their original location today, surviving our city’s many fires. Beyond buildings, we identify historic districts that give us a glimpse into old Atlanta, when Downtown was a vibrant city center, many of which also predate 1900.

The next layer is connectivity. Downtown has Atlanta’s only fully established street grid connected to a transit hub, providing ease of movement and the density to support a walkable, urban environment. Downtown is home to the most MARTA train stations of any other submarket in Atlanta, which can only be supported by the density of the street grid and accompanying sidewalks.

The final layer of Downtown is the people. Historically a business and shopping node, the submarket is becoming increasingly residential, with the CBD beginning to experience a renaissance in housing and thousands of new residential units coming soon. Downtown’s population is more diverse than the other intown submarkets and more educated than the Atlanta market as a whole, making it a place for everyone to thrive.

Taking these layers into account, we know that Downtown’s future is bright. Our report’s final section dives into the momentum we see for the submarket. Multiple catalytic developments are already underway and are set to rekindle the liveliness the area used to see. The southern part of Downtown’s CBD alone has more than 100 acres of planned mixed-use development, with more to come. Downtown is Atlanta’s birthplace, and today it is our most true urban environment. The more people know about its history, the more they will love and invest in it. Our report aims to share everything that makes Downtown special.

Read the full report here.


About the Author

Gillam Campbell is JLL';s Senior Research Manager. JLL is a leading professional services firm that specializes in real estate and investment management. JLL’s research team delivers intelligence, analysis, and insight through market-leading reports and services that illuminates today’s commercial real estate dynamics and identify tomorrow’s challenges and opportunities.