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Atlanta Green Market

Date and Time for this Past Event



This event isn’t just a marketplace—it’s a comprehensive showcase of sustainable living essentials. From zero-waste home goods to organic food, and eco-conscious apparel, Atlanta Green Market offers a plethora of non-polluting and low-polluting products that cater to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Why Attend?

  • Explore Sustainable Alternatives: Discover an array of products including bulk refill options for soaps and detergents, sustainable kitchenware, natural cosmetics, and clothing that aligns with a green lifestyle.
  • Support Local Entrepreneurs: Directly engage with the innovators behind Atlanta’s eco-friendly products and services, understanding their processes and impact.
  • Learn and Live Greener: Beyond shopping, gain insights into solar energy solutions for homes and the benefits of e-bikes as cleaner transportation options.

About Atlanta Green Market:

Founded on the principle of sustainable living, the Atlanta Green Market curates pop-up events to spotlight Atlanta's top eco-friendly vendors. By offering a platform for these businesses, we aim to make sustainable choices more accessible and inspire a community-wide shift towards environmentally responsible consumer behaviors.